Grant Types

Placer Valley Tourism Finances Grants

Tourism is our industry and grants are a big part of what makes us a desirable partner for you. The power of a partnership with us can result in a paycheck for you! Any event that generates overnight hotel stays can be rewarded with a grant through Placer Valley Tourism, sports or other. 

We offer the following funding programs:

Event Support Grants

All events, whether big or small, are eligible to apply for this basic funding grant. If your event generates overnight stays a general grant can be awarded based on the number of hotel rooms booked associated with your event. Previous awards range from $300-$30,000 per event. 

Click here for the Basic Event Grant Application.

  • Financial Assistance will be awarded based on the following
    • Less than 100 rooms nights = $5 per room night
    • 100 - 300 room nights = $6 per room night
    • 301 - 1000 room nights = $7 per room night
    • 1001+ room nights = $8 per room night

Click here for the Event Grant Application - if you would like to request more funding than above

Capital Improvement Grants

This grant is designed to assist your organization with the development or improvement of facilities and/or equipment which enable you to host events at a higher caliber. We recognize that sports facility grants and grants for sports events play a valuable role in helping showcase the community while boosting the economy. 

Click here for the Capital Improvement Grant Application